All systems are functional.

Past incidents

2 June 2021

Nothing to report

1 June 2021

Nothing to report

31 May 2021


WeezAccess close monitoring on this last 24H confirm yesterday patch have fix the issues. And no problem have been seen during this period.

30 May 2021

WeezAccess Performance incidents

We have some performances issues with WeezAccess product. Issue is now identified some measures have been taken to keep the product running and usable, but the root cause is still under correction. Some fixes are coming, we will follow closely monitoring after and review in more details the whole incident next week to be sure everything is completely fixed. Synchronized devices does not suffer as they work offline with data previously synchronized, but synchronization can be slow or stop to works by periods.

29 May 2021

Nothing to report

28 May 2021

End of incident on WeezAccess

Everything back on line.

WeezAccess - backend short interuption

Our database is upscaling to prepare weekend, it takes a little bit more time than usual.

27 May 2021

Nothing to report

26 May 2021

Nothing to report